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What advantage do local farms have over industrial farms?


John Janst of Duct Tape Marketing says it best. “Marketing is getting someone who has a need, to know, like, and trust you.” No one can build trust better than a local farm.

When a customer buys from your farm, they are forming a relationship with a real person, not some fancy package. That relationship is the foundation for trust.

Writing Services

Your farm has customers. They buy from you. Some buy consistently, but most buy only occasionally. Why is that? Do they not trust you? Do they think your food is too expensive? Maybe they’re just busy.

If any of these are true, then there’s one thing that can help bring them back.


Your customers know that pasture raised food is good. But do they know why? Obviously they’ve heard that pasture raised is better, that’s why they bought from you. But chances are, they don’t know much more than that.

This is where education comes in. Your customers need to know that pasture based farming is: more humane, healthier, more sustainable, tastier, and more transparent.

E-mail services

The best way to reach your customers consistently is through e-mail.

Sending one or two emails a month with educational articles, personal stories, and farm updates will keep you top of mind. If a customer forgets about you, that’s lost sales.